Women are more Effected with “Facebook Freakouts” than Men

facebook freakoutsMany Psychologists confirms that patients suffering from Facebook Freakouts are increasing. They said social media especially Facebook is prompting people to grow more paranoid especially when it comes to relationships.

Like many are obsessed over why their partner hasn’t update their relationship status, Why him/her have so many exes friends on faceboo, How many people wish them happy birthday or other events, How many “liked” their status etc…

And also its been noted that women are more effected than men as women are more sensitive about what others think of them.

Like Psychologist, Therapists are also seeing increase in patience with Facebook Freakouts. Therapists mentioned that it can lead to anxiety and depression.

So, my advice for everyone is to take a break from Facebook and other social networking sites and spend more time having fun with people you love and care instead of trying to keep yourself on top of whats going on with your partner and exes.