Ever Thought that What is the True Purpose of Facebook?

What is the purpose of Facebook
A few days ago friend invited me to join facebook, I joined it but the problem is that now that friend only communicates via facebook, we used to text and email, and phone each other.

So my question is What is the purpose of Facebook and similar web sites? All of these websites called themselves Social Networking sites. And people join them to become more socials in their life. But it doesn’t seems to me like that.

I Asked the same question on answers.yahoo.com. Here is the answer i got from different people. I am coping their replies as they are. no editing at all….

1 – A guy reply with this answer and his answer rated as the best answer. He said, “Facebook and myspace are social networking sites meant to bring people together who do not know each other personally but have same interests or affiliations (i.e. went to same high school/college). Unfortunately sometimes these sites take the place of actual physical contact with folks you do know in person. this is one of the fall backs of the internet in general.”

2 – Another Guy Said, “It’s an experiment in social control. Since everybody (almost) has access to the internet, those of us who have been foolish enough to lay bare our souls in such a forum are open to the abuses which go with such an act. Employers are slowly cottoning on to this phenomenon, and may hire/fire dependent upon stuff they read.”

3 – One girl posted her reply in favor of Facebook said, “It is like a social life on the web. i like it. i have over 60 friends. most of whom i went to high school with and have not spoken to since then. it is great way to keep in touch.”

4 – A Guy pointed on very important aspect of these sites. he said, “Its not written in stone But I belive most People use it as a dating site a place where they hope to meet with others offline for a little fun and games”

5 – Here comes the funny answer i was expecting, “So if your parents tell you to clean your room or won’t buy you a new iPod, you can complain about it to the entire world.”

6 – A dude responded, “It is supposed to be a way to communicate and share things with your friends and others, but it also a way of getting yourself a lot of problems if you put too much personal information on it. It is a good idea gone bad.”

7 – And finally the true face of facebook told by a girl. she said, “Facebook was created mainly for those who have graduated high school and are trying to keep in touch with their friends as they are all moving off to different colleges. But now its just used in the same way myspace, xanga, etc. are used.”