Teenagers are getting Sick of Facebook

Teenagers are Getting Sick of Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is the most popular social media site among teenagers but recent study from Pew Research Center shows that teenagers are getting sick of facebook. The study surveyed 802 teens between ages from 12-17 and that shows that teenagers while speaking to Pew researchers made it clear that they are actually pretty tired of facebook.

Teenagers are Getting Sick of Facebook

Survey revealed that 94% teens have facebook account but the facebook popularity among teenagers and adults is stagnant for last 2 years. Meanwhile other social media sites are booming like teenage population on twitter increased to 26% from 12% last year. However, study reveals that no other other than facebook and twitter able to attract teenagers.

According to survey report reason for getting sick of facebook is there is too much drama and teens are drained by the drama that happened frequently on website. Another major reason is that teenagers doesn’t like increasing number of adults now on facebook. Other reasons included annoyed with lame shares from facebook friends, stress of keeping their reputation and Facebook is not as simple and stress free as Twitter and Instagaram are.

1 teenager told Pew Research: “I like Tumblr because I don’t have to present a specific or false image of myself and I don’t have to interact with people I don’t necessarily want to talk to.”

Another said: “That’s why we go on Twitter and Instagram [instead of Facebook]. My mom doesn’t have that.”

In reply to question “why he or she switched to Snapchat for image sharing”: Teeanger said: “[On] Facebook, everyone sees what I’m doing. But Snapchat is just to one person.”

These statements clearly shows that stress of keeping their reputation in real life and everyone is watching closely to what you do and say really suffocate them. And Facebook clearly doesn’t allow that anymore. I believe its too much stress for teenagers.