Mark Zuckerberg is not a Billionaire Anymore

Last week Forbes published World Richest People for year 2009. According to the forbes report Last year the world had 1,125 billionaires. Today there are 793. How $1.4 trillion vanished.

Last year, Zuckerberg’s net worth, as noted by Forbes, was $1.5 billion. He lost at least $600 million. Now 25-Year old Mark Zuckerberg, who was the youngest in the world a year ago is not even a billionaire anymore.

As the first quarter of 2009 winds down, though, Facebook is in a surprising position, headed toward or surpassing 200 million registered users and driving more traffic to outside websites than the previously invincible Google. If Zuckerberg and company can’t figure out a way to make money leveraging numbers like that, the Facebook will join the 2012 list of colossal failures of Internet history.

He’s still fabulously wealthy, obviously, and clearly stands a chance of making it back onto the list. But his fortune is tied closely to Facebook’s valuation, and with the worldwide recession in effect, that valuation has only gone down. The company still relies on advertising revenue, which has been hit hard by the market collapse. Forbes hasn’t released a figure as to what they guess Zuckerberg’s actual worth might be.