The “I Hate Facebook” Club Is Growing

Joyce Park, co-founder and CTO of Renkoo (developer of Booze Mail), says all is not well in Facebook Developer Land.

Park complains that many application developers get ahead despite the fact that they violate Facebook’s terms of service.

“So far, [Facebook has] built a system where you can only win by cheating,” Park said at a panel discussion at Web 2.0 Expo, a conference in San Francisco. “They don’t enforce their policies clearly, transparently or consistently . . . And when you try to talk about it with them, they give you this, ‘We’re young, we’re figuring it out’ line, but this is business.”

Although Park was reluctant to name names, she says she’s seen quite a few applications that have copied parts of social graphs to their servers.

And on another note, she thinks a lot of the ads on Facebook are “skanky.”

“They’re these cheesy sexyish ads . . . And who does that help?”