Facebook vs Twitter. How Twitter is Winning?

twitter vs facebook

Ever wondered, why most of professionals, Celebrities, big Companies spokespersons always prefer to use Twitter instead of Facebook to break news, for public interaction or just keep their followers updated? Isn’t it true that Facebook is still the most popular social media website but still they feel more comfortable with Twitter than Facebook?
twitter vs facebook

And more importantly Mark Zukerberg ego spikes up whenever he talks about Twitter like, According to newly published book by Nick Bilton of New York Times “Hatching Twitter”, Mark Zukerberg once told his close friends that “[Twitter is] such a mess, it’s as if they drove a clown car into a gold mine and fell in.” The comment was also highlighted by Paul Kedrosky on Bloomberg TV 2 weeks ago.

Well i guess we have some answers to these questions. Here we are listing some of points in which Twitter is clearly winning the race and it feels that they are way ahead of Facebook and will outclass Facebook in near future.

Twitter is more of a Resource instead of Popularity Contest

Twitter is to Facebook as a biography is to a novel. Where you learn a lot by reading biography. Similarly Twitter has become the number one source for hard news and opinions that matters. Twitter is more of a resource and less of a popularity contest.

Fewer Ads

Because of its 140 Characters limit, You may not see a lot promotional stuff on Twitter which annoys you. On other hands Promoted posts on Facebook sometimes drives users nuts. Even now Facebook encourages their users to promote more and more stuff on Facebook for money. And we all know that most of the time these stuff are like watching jerry springer show.

More Celebrity/Industry News Interaction

You may have noticed that more celebrities seem to actually tweet themselves instead of use their Facebook pages. Which seems like a big advertisement managed by their PR folks. I personally feel more comfortable to use Twitter to keep myself update with the celebs gossips and with industry news related to my profession.

Retweet and Hashtags

Features like Retweet and hashtags that have completely changed the ways how social media sites interact with their users now a days. Now a days almost every social media sites use hashtags features but they don’t actually do anything except on Twitter. Similarly people are much more likely to RT something of yours they like than to share your status on Facebook. Twitter introduced these features and still the best to provide in true manner in which these features are introduced.

Breaking News

Its my personal experience that when news “breaks” on TV, I heard about that an hour ago on Twitter. In my opinion that is just because of its simplicity. Just 140 characters, Retweet it, Hashtagged the news and there you are News spread like a fire.

Solid Privacy Settings

You may have noticed that Twitter haven’t changed its privacy settings at all, at least not since 2009 since i joined Twitter. On the other hand it seems that Facebook doesn’t have sense of direction as they change their privacy settings like every month.

I guess in near future, there will be no such questions like Facebook vs Twitter?
Simply Twitter is for the WIN.