Facebook tracks your every move on the website

An anonymous employee Rumpus Facebook spoke during a visit to Facebook’s headquarters in the summer of 2009. Although the two were personal friends, the employee assumes that chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons: she is still employed by the social networking site, and can not disclose “trade secrets”. The conversation was quite long however, and revealed a few frightening TidBITS.

According to the unnamed friend / employee, Facebook tracks your every move on the web. This means that each click, it records all instant messages, and all games played on Facebook. Immediately this sounds like a privacy issue, but the worker emphasized that monitoring is related only to make a better product, not accounting for every letter wrong or a stranger Quick Peep hot photos.

The employee also stated that employees had easy access to Facebook user accounts. This means that any of them could access your Facebook account and get “hiding” your personal information. Apparently that has changed now, as the master password has been discontinued. Now, employees must provide a written explanation of why they need to access a user account. If you are caught without a permit logging, rushed the field.

And as for all eliminated, secret love letters from the former high school girlfriends and boyfriends, Facebook has hidden in its database, retrieves. This means that any employee of Facebook can view the database and pull up all posts on Facebook you’ve sent and received. Of course, Facebook denies everything, like a government cover band classic. “This book contains the kind of inaccuracies and misrepresentations that you would expect from something of origin ‘stock’ and we’ll leave it at that,” the company said in an email.