10 Ways Facebook is Making You Sick and Frustrating

Facebook Sickness and Frustration

Facebook population is worldwide. People find it an attractive platform to interact with friend, family, colleagues and every single person you know. But over the time, Facebook is becoming frustrating platform for people maybe because of their excessive use of it or Facebook flawed policies and Facebook’s ethically sketchy policies, and on the other hand people don’t like the way the big social network isn’t always upfront with users about what’s really going on behind the scenes. They get dissatisfied of its services.

Facebook Makes You Sick

The given facts about Facebook make it clear that Facebook is becoming sick site rather than social interacting site.

1. Meddling

Based on what you share and with whom you interact, Facebook thinks it knows you better than you know yourself. That is why only certain friends, products and stories keep showing up in your news feed. Eventually this can become a form of mind control. this sick of Facebook is that it authorize variety of companies to record your activities on social networking sites and accordingly pick out the ads of companies on your social media sites online. It’s common knowledge that the information you share on Facebook will be used to target ads to you.

2. Facebook can Erode Your Relationships

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network and its active users are increasing on daily basis because people find it the place to interact with wide range of people to make new friends and to reconnect with old ones. But if you are in a relationship previously , it can destroy your newly formed relationship by the pictures you posted , status you updated and a lot of other memories you make on Facebook by letting know your previous affairs to your newer partners. The trivial updates about your partner can inflame arguments and undermine trust, especially if you’re disrespecting your partner’s boundaries. Facebook makes it too easy to form unrealistic expectations about your relationship. It’s sad that your Facebook habits may end up hurting your relationship with your partner.

3. Misleading Information

Your Facebook News Feed is a distraction that probably pulls your attention away from the right tasks you really need to be focus to the wrong task. There is a lot of bogus stuff on the Internet, and we all get fooled every now and then. There are many cases that friends use to trying to trick each other with misinformation. There is no doubt that it’s our mind behind creating all stupid and misleading stuff on Facebook but Facebook is providing the platform to create and share all this bogus and misleading stuff to people . There is no proper check and balance system on Facebook to filter the information to rightly guide the concerned information for the people.

4. Sharing Sick is a Facebook Sick

Facebook have migrated from writing original posts to just sharing news articles, memes or surveys that we find amusing. You really can’t control where your posts end up. if you want to set your Facebook posts private, you can’t stop your friends from sharing your posts. And with just a few shares, they can easily be seen by hundreds of people you don’t know.. There are many things that you shouldn’t post on Facebook for the sake of your safety, your security, and your well being. Now, we can even share streaming videos that stream whether the viewer wants them to or not. The result is a visual cluster with no rhyme or reason and is just the waste of time of yours as well as others.

5. Anonymize your material

That data aggregation, even involving the anonymized information that Facebook mines from your profile, your messages, and your browsing history, has real potential to remove the source of its origin.in order to remove identifying information from something that you own from Facebook data so that the original source cannot be known.so be keen to your information and not allow to circulate your data that you own.

6. Facebook Makes You Sick

Facebook users feel disturbed and even psychologically disrupted when they compare themselves with other friends or people on Facebook. They feel tempted toward brief extracts of other’s life, based on their highlight reel. The highlight reel is something in minds to feed ego and prevent insecurity in times of need but it is also the most helpful ally during many compromising tests of will throughout lives on Facebook. At the same time, people stuck in their ordinariness that things happening in others life are lacking in their lives. This Facebook sick makes you feel vulnerable from depression.

7. Facebook Hacking is Another Facebook Sick

Facebook Hacking to any account is a crime. But it’s so much normal in the Facebook world. Facebook management don’t bother about that in this hacking matter people content of Facebook , their personal and private information becomes vulnerable and people are being blackmail through this hacking account system. It’s a big Facebook sick that is becoming very easy for hackers and normal to users. With this concern many of active Facebook users are leaving their Facebook accounts.

8. Advertising

Facebook is like a once-thriving neighborhood now littered with payday loan stores, political campaign signs and ugly billboards. The sidewalks that were once filled with friendly pedestrians are mostly vacant. Neighbors don’t venture outside to talk to one another much anymore. Facebook uses your personal data to sell you things. It is irritating to scroll through my news feed and see one ad after another of different companies. People don’t go to Facebook to buy stuff. They want to find out what their friends are doing. But the sad fact is that now it becomes overloaded with thousands of advertisement as well as political campaigns which is not liked by the people mostly.

9. Personal Branding

Participating on Facebook has become less about sharing information and more about managing your own personal brand. People use Facebook to promote their personal things to an extent that other people get bored of it. They don’t use Facebook to chit chat with their friends and to spend good time or share good memories which is the real purpose of Facebook instead now they are using Facebook for business purposes or to sell or purchase things of their need.

10. Facebook Privacy is at Risk

Facebook is an untrustworthy about privacy. And for a social network that has access to lots of your personal and private data. Facebook keep your information private unless you decide to make it public is a clear deception to actively Facebook users. Seemingly, that’s true. But being on Facebook erodes your privacy regardless of the specifics waning privacy policies. Facebook routinely shares information about you with a wide range of advertisers, vendors, and partners. And even the things you share in private messages aren’t private. Then think twice about posting them on Facebook.