Facebook permits third parties to access user’s personal data

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Members of the adult entertainment industry are locked at the hip with Facebook to communicate and market their businesses.
But accusations that Facebook allows third party access to the wealth of information without user knowledge or consent can only change that.

According to a class action claim in Superior Court in Orange County, Facebook invades the privacy of its customers and the misappropriation of people’s images and personal information for commercial marketing purposes and.
The lawsuit alleges that Facebook knows about its users do not want their personal information distributed around the web, however, terms of use, Facebook allows maintaining the data sent by the user long after being removed from the site.
“The data gathered from users of Facebook is the key commercial asset that Facebook uses to market valuation for purposes of internal marketing, and licensing and direct sale of information to third parties,” according to the complaint.
The lawsuit was brought by photographer Elisha Melkonian, who says that Facebook allows photos to be downloaded, copied and distributed without his permission, despite numerous attempts to stop him.
In addition, the suit says, Facebook users are “involuntary participant monitoring technologies and Facebook have had their purchase and / or other public activities to other Facebook users without their consent.”
The lawsuit also says that Facebook has already started direct advertisements that include sexual orientation material to users through “social ads” that are matched to the persons nominated as a friend of a user.
“The claim that Facebook will not sell your information is misleading and untrue,” the lawsuit said. “Facebook has misled users with policies involving users are in control of their personal data.”
Facebook wants Melkonian restricted to collect or sell user data and to allow downloading of copyrighted photos without permission. She also seeks damages of $ 750 class for each unauthorized use of names or photos.