Facebook is Reading Private Text Messages from Your Mobile

facebook mobile application

UK newspaper The Sunday Times reported that Facebook is accessing smartphone users text messages who have downloading facebook application installed on their mobile phone. Important thing is that Facebook didn’t denied the report and admitted that Facebook is reading mobile phone users private text messages as a part of testing phase of their own messaging service. Facebook is planning to launch a messaging service very soon.
facebook mobile application

In a statement Facebook spokesperson said: “The permission is clearly disclosed on the app page in the Android marketplace and is in anticipation of new features that enable users to integrate Facebook features with their texts. However, other than some very limited testing, we haven’t launched anything yet so we’re not using the permission”.

Most shocking news for all the smartphone users is that not only facebook is accessing their private data but also other companies like Flickr, Yahoo Messenger and Dating site Badoo is also reading users data on smartphones through their apps. YouTube apps can remotely access smartphone camera to take photograph and videos any time. Some apps like My Remote Lock and mobile game app such as Tennis Juggling can even intercept user calls.

These news reports are really scaring for smartphone users as mobile apps are very getting popularity with every day passing and according to a poll, 70% of users very very rarely read terms and conditions.

Member of Privacy International Campaign group, Emma Draper told reporters: “Your personal information is a precious commodity, and companies will go to great lengths to get their hands on as much of it as possible.”

So we should rethink while using facebook apps and other mobile apps even the popular ones. They all are accessing your private data.