Facebook is Growing up a Self-Obsessed Generation

self-obsessed generation facebook

Professor Baroness Greenfield, A well known scientist, of pharmacology at Oxford University indicated that Facebook is growing up a self-obsessed generation who have childlike desires and have concentration problems.

self-obsessed generation facebook

Prof. Baroness Greenfield believes that growth of social life on internet and as well as high use of computer games could effectively “rewire” the brain.

This can result in reduced concentration, a need for instant gratification and poor non-verbal skills, such as the ability to make eye contact during conversations.

Prof.Baroness Greenfield also a former director of research body of the Oxford University, said: “Why should someone be interested in what someone else has had for breakfast? It reminds me of a small child (saying): ‘Look at me Mummy, I’m doing this’, ‘Look at me Mummy I’m doing that’. It’s almost as if they’re in some kind of identity crisis. In a sense it’s keeping the brain in a sort of time warp.”

Prof. Greenfield continued: “Some Facebook users feel the need to become ‘mini celebrities’ who are watched and admired by others on a daily basis. They do things that are ‘Facebook worthy’ because the only way they can define themselves is by ‘people knowing about them’. It’s almost as if people are living in a world that’s not a real world, but a world where what counts is what people think of you or (if they) can click on you.”