Facebook is facing Traffic Decrease Since 2012

facebook fading

Though Facebook is the most popular social networking site in world, but according to latest report “The State of the Internet” released by Mary Meeker, Facebook is the only social networking site which is facing decrease in traffic since last year 2012.

facebook fading

“The State of the Internet” report which gets its release every year shows some interesting facts of social media and internet users behavior from 2011 to 2012. Report shows that YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, Instagram and Pinterest are growing very fast.

Rupert Murdoch, Managing Director of Australian News ltd, wrote on twitter: “Look out Facebook! Hours spent participating per member dropping seriously. First really bad sign as seen by crappy MySpace years ago”

117-Pages report from Mary Meeker which was collected from data on recent tech IPOs and high-tech workers. Report also shows that more than 500 million photos are uploaded and share on internet and half of them are on facebook and approximately 100 million photos are uploaded on snapchat. Also it says that almost all US internet companies have 81% of their users are living outside country.