Facebook is Cheating its Users with Sponsored Stories

facebook sponsored stories for business

Couple of years ago Facebook tried an attempt to integrate news-feeds with advertisements called ‘Facebook Beacon’. Due to privacy concerns Beacon was the target of a lawsuit filed in 2008, and the service shut down in September 2009. Although after Beacon Incident Mark Zuckerberg already have apologized by promising that it will not be concern again but experts believe that “Sponsored Stories” is a reborn of a Beacon. In simple words “Sponsored Stories” is another Facebook’s viral marketing product which turns its users’ posts into advertisements for participating companies’ users post about. Check out this Official video for Introducing Sponsored Stories.

facebook sponsored stories

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David Berkowitz, Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for digital marketing describe Facebook Sponsored Stories as: “Facebook’s latest advertising offering, Sponsored Stories, is characteristic of the company: bold, clever and lacking empathy”.

Furthermore According to CNN Money report “Users can not prefer, filter or stop once they ‘Like’ or ‘Checked In’ to sponsored company’s brand on Facebook. This automatically leads to a Sponsored Story which users’ friends/friends of friends will get in their news feed without their concerns”.

Bruce Schneier, Remowned Security Author, explains it as: “Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are just a Facebook user, you are not – you are the product, its customers/users are the advertisers”. Mr.Schneier added to his statement that Facebook deliberately killing privacy. Mr.Schneier said that “When something online is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product”.
facebook sponsored stories for business
Sponsored Stories not good for Businesses as well
On the contrary on business side “sponsored stories” are not considered as cheap/cost efficient. It can get easily spammed and can be devastating if do not carry out with a proper planning. In case of well planning it is not practically a long run approach as fans put-off by doing this frequently in the near future. In order to get desired response strong story and incentives required for motivating the visitors to push the Like button.

Facebook Cheating its Users
Besides such security issues Facebook somehow managed to engage 500 million users on its platform. But an insight on Facebook enlightens that from the day of “Initial-Public-Offering(IPO)” Facebook is struggling to generate any income at all. So far cheating it’s users by trading their precious and private data is the only way of making money they came up with.

Rainey Reitman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation says: “Facebook ‘like’ buttons are increasing in prevalence, raising serious privacy concerns for those who value the privacy of their online reading habits”.

All of this happening with the fact that Facebook had a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, agreeing to get users’ permission before altering privacy settings and submitting to independent privacy audits for the next 20 years.

Facebook customers should think that at what cost (privacy, security, unpaid etc) they like something publicly because this makes companies keenly interested in who you are and where you’re surfing. And according to my opinion that no matter what Facebook stakes its users and leave them unpaid…

Facebook’s position will always remain bad in news for such allegations and charges as with no profitability experts believe that this modern misery will soon end badly anyway!