Facebook Group inviting students to engage in violation

A Facebook group called “December 1” posting terrifying invitations to students at Ramapo and Indian Hills high schools to engage in violence. Authorities confirmed the threat and started investigating.

“I think they’re going to find out who it is,” senior Jared Horowitz said. “This stuff is easy to trace and everything.”

That was the reverse 9-1-1 call that went out to parents at Ramapo and Indian Hills high schools this week. School officials said they sent out the warning after a mysterious Facebook group calling itself “December 1” sent out terrifying invitations to students.

“It was an individual that was on the site that was trying to recruit people to be part of a group or organization that would enter the building on December 1 and there were violent threats,” said August Depreker, interim superintendent of the Ramapo School District.

Both the Bergen County prosecutor’s office and police are investigating, trying to determine the identity of the group’s administrator. The threat has some students scared.

Interim Superintendent August DePreker tells The Record of Bergen County that students who accepted the invitation wrote on the group page that they wanted no part of any violence.