Every 5th Divorce Petition is Reference to Facebook

facebook divorce

Facebook have indulged in our life in such a way that it has ruined a lot of relationships and troubled countless individuals. This article is not only for those people who do not use Facebook willingly or unwillingly, but it is especially for those who take Facebook as a vital part of their daily activities. Undue involvement and excessive use of social networks has led to provide surplus proofs in divorce cases. According to the telegraph Facebook is cited in one out of every five divorce petitions. Also we reported last year that 20% Divorces in UK cited Facebook.
facebook divorce

There are various reasons of that but the most common some are given below

  • Seeing an old/new picture worth a thousand words.
  • Tagging someone/ partner rudely.
  • Search of former partner causes unreasonable behavior.
  • Lack of attention towards partner.
  • Flirty wall post, comments, or Inbox messages on Facebook.
  • Relationship status as it clearly portrait season/time of year and relationships.

facebook divorces peak break up times

Facebook have many bad impacts on users’ but above all their physiological aspects which affect their relationships. The news papers are full of story of ‘Ex-friend’s Facebook revenge costs £22,000 damages but also extremely humiliating. as reported in ‘the guardian’, ‘BBC News’ , ‘sky news’ and ‘the telegraph’.

Also Authorities of different countries blame Facebook for ruining users’ relationship; According to Pew Internet and American Life Project report one in five adults use Facebook for flirting’. Furthermore besides the disadvantages of such social networking sites on teenagers, percentage of consequences is increasing where middle-aged users have also wasted and confused their relationships. Marriage counselors strongly believe that Facebook is one of the causes for the increased separations. Social Networks can become addictive. They can take over your life, leaving little time for family and friends. Knowing when to stop is crucial – Try to switch off!

In short; one may think that it’s not the Facebook who should get blame for individual’s actions, but they should consider that it’s Facebook which provides all functionalities to individuals to ruin users’ relationships. If Facebook won’t offer such options the facebook victim will be reduced, but why Facebook just can only give such a powerful weapon to damage relationships but can’t prevent cases to reoccur.