facebook addiction song

Share Found an interesting video of Facebook addiction song. This video is for all those who are addicted to Facebook and can not live without it. Basically Facebook addiction kills you with the time like according to a study released earlier this year, one in every three people who use Facebook and other social networking sites often feels lonelier and feel jealousy after spending time on these sites.

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goodbye facebook

ShareFacebook users from all over the world are getting fed up with Facebook and its annoying apps like Tagging photos, games requests, stupid poking feature, unknown people friend requests (most of them are fake accounts. Even Facebook acknowledge themselves that Facebook have 83million fake accounts).

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Faceook in Real Life

Share Ever wonder how odd is your life on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? This is how much you going to hate yourself when you try your facebook life in real life. In fact it is true that sometime you spend so much time on social networking sites and you apply same lifestyles in your real life.

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