facebook sponsored stories for business

ShareCouple of years ago Facebook tried an attempt to integrate news-feeds with advertisements called ‘Facebook Beacon’. Due to privacy concerns Beacon was the target of a lawsuit filed in 2008, and the service shut down in September 2009. Although after Beacon Incident Mark Zuckerberg already have apologized by promising that it will not be concern again but experts believe that “Sponsored Stories” is a reborn of a Beacon. In simple words “Sponsored Stories” is another Facebook’s viral marketing product which turns its users’ posts into advertisements for participating companies’ users post about. Check out this Official video for Introducing Sponsored Stories.

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facebook divorce

ShareFacebook have indulged in our life in such a way that it has ruined a lot of relationships and troubled countless individuals. This article is not only for those people who do not use Facebook willingly or unwillingly, but it is especially for those who take Facebook as a vital part of their daily activities. Undue involvement and excessive use of social networks has led to provide surplus proofs in divorce cases. According to the telegraph Facebook is cited in one out of every five divorce petitions. Also we reported last year that 20% Divorces in UK cited Facebook.

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facebook timeline haters

ShareAccording to Sodahead.com poll held in early february 2012, Facebook users has rejected facebook timeline with 70% of them hate new facebook timeline for accounts with both genders male and female facebook users doesn’t like facebook timeline. According to the poll 77% male and equally 77% female users hate new facebook timeline. In my opinion facebook is trying to kill facebook by their own hand by introducing complicated stuff like facebook timeline.

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