The Agony due to Facebook

Facebook is so big now – over 175 million members – that even an interface change may throw many of the less technical users completely off-guard. And from what we’ve heard, non-geeks really do find the new design more difficult to use. The new site, particularly the activity feeds on member profiles, really do look different. The blurring between status messages and wall posts doesn’t make much sense in my opinion. I have gathered few bitter but truthful comments given by Facebook users who were crazy earlier but now they are just hating it for some reason.

1. I enjoyed using facebook for the first three months and now I have lost interest and don’t do updates and all of that nonsense because I am too busy. I can sense hostility from fellow facebook devotees. How dare you? Do you think you are too good for facebook?? Once my coworkers and bosses starting sending friend requests, you have to say yes and it all pretty much ends being able to “express” yourself freely. I would rather say nothing than post a status report about how I am doing laundry. News flash: no one cares.

2. I quit my job because i posted on my facebook that “i had a crappy day at work” and a nosy neighbor told my boss. i deactivated the same day. it was wonderful all through college but 500 “friends” became a detriment and not a positive thing.

3. I find these virtual reality sites to be somewhat sophmoric and endlessly boring. No matter how much these electronic cave dwellers, write on each other’s walls,these sites do not in my opinion, take the place of real time,real face contact with other humans. While these sites may be useful for handicapped or shut in’s, most of the rest of the users would benefit greatly I think, by honing up their social skills, and get out of those electronic caves.

4. I completely agree with John in Boston. I am also 28, and I can’t understand the hype with Facebook. I created an account solely so I could see some pictures my brother uploaded to his site, intentionally leaving my last name off my profile so people would be less likely to find me in a search. It has been useful in that I have reconnected with one friend who I genuinely did miss from high school, but now I also get friend invites from people who were at best slightly more than acquaintances. I don’t get to see and speak with my REAL friends nearly often enough — why on earth would I want to be fake online friends with people I hardly know just because we went to the same high school? I have better things to do with my time.

5. I joined Facebook for the same reason I joined Myspace, just to see what all the hype was about. It’s a lame product. I really don’t care to read the minute details of every waking thought my friends have, so I almost never check either account. I have better things to do with my time, like answering CNN opinion polls.

6. I’m pretty sure my wife is going to leave me…for Facebook.

7. I joined Facebook because a couple of months back a friend of mine who has been a member for some time found an old friend from high school who I have been looking for. Well I only have…..40 friends (not 400) and I don’t update anything. I ignore most requests. I don’t feel the need to let people know what I’m doing 24/7. It’s my private life. With what people put on FB, they still wonder about identity theft. If my friends want to know what I’m up to, send me email or call me.#

8. Facebook is pointless. It’s for the weak. If you want to stay in contact with someone, get off your couch and go see them or pick up the phone and call them. It’s really only for the people you want to keep tabs on and keep at an arm’s distance too. It’s basically just a tool for voyeurs without any semblance of life.

9. I’m on Facebook, but only so much as I’ve started a page and I never update it. I occasionally get emails or friend requests, but realized they’re only from people that I haven’t talked to in 10 years because I don’t want to! I have 2 emails and 5 friend requests I’ve never responded to. The only thing I’ve done that’s changed the look of my Facebook page is add in the StumbleUpon plugin – Stumble lets me go places, learn things, and see things I never knew existed, and I find it much more socially-oriented. Facebook could disappear overnight (how about tonight?) and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Basically, it acts as a place-holder… it’s there incase anyone wonders if I’m still alive.

10. My problem with facebook is that its ultimately kind of pointless. The only things I think are useful is coming in contact with people you haven’t talked to in a while and sharing pictures. The “high school buddy” thing is a one shot deal. Once you’re back in contact, you’re done. Frankly, it wears on you. I’ve had one date as a result of that (from myspace, no less), which resulted in a little making out at the end, and that was it. Recently a few people re-connected with me, and I’ll be honest. I could take or leave most of them. Sharing pictures? OK, works pretty good, but otherwise, its not blowing me away.

If you have tons of time and want to do random crap that nobody cares about, great. Movie trivia? Super poke? Thanks. I have a job and need to do stuff during the day.

Today I had a professional organizer come in to sort out my monthly bills and filing system. Why doesn’t that site get 9 to 10 figure development funding? That’s something you’d use all the time. Facebook, while slick, was designed for college kids to kill time online, and I think unless there’s something real going on there, people will get sick of it.

Also, by the way. The layout is cluttered and confusing.