6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

With growing popularity of Facebook. Its never been important before for parents and elders to keep safe their kids on Facebook. There are plenty of ways where your kids can be part of something that isn’t good and even they can effect them in future when they start their practical life.

kids safety on facebook

So here are i am going to tell you guys some ways you can keep your kids safe on facebook. I know facebook shouldn’t be allowed to kids but in reality you can not force kids to stop using facebook.

Easiest way to do that is to keep visiting web browser history and know what pages they have visited. You can keep administrator rights and create some restrictions.
If you don’t know how to do all that, get someone to show you. You are not spying, you are protecting them and learning with them.

As you all know Facebook and other social networking sites are addictive and time consuming. Have a deal with your kids about a schedule where they can use these sites. When they use the computer for school work, make sure that the Facebook page is closed, not just minimized.

Get a Facebook ID and become their friend. And the friend of their friends. Post things that they can relate to and that their friends will relate to. Show that you are having fun too and don’t interfere with the exchanges unless they are inappropriate. Oh and if there is no action on your kid’s page for a day or two, you are looking at a fake profile and they are having fun on another page.

Don’t scare your kids about facebook and other sites because you simply cannot, just make them aware of the risks. Point out the inappropriate comments, show them the image that their friends are putting forward and let them think about it themselves. Show them that what they post is seen by many people: what do they want these people to know about them? Is the person that people see on the screen really who they are?

Find new sites for your kids before they do. Use them yourself and be the one to invite them. Set the example by posting the kind of information, tone, style you want your kids to reproduce. Show them that you are NOT against.

Social Media is one of the most powerful business tools nowadays. Your kids are expert at it and they don’t even know it. Start a project with them, create a page together about something you are passionate about, build your group of followers for a cause you believe in. Show them the power of social media in a constructive way.