55-Year old Unemployed Woman falls for a $500,000 Facebook Scam

facebook scam

A 55-year old woman who is unemployed because of her back injury problem falls for a $500,000 scam. It all started with a Facebook Wall message “You have Won”.

facebook scam

A woman, who doesn’t want to reveal her name, clicked on the message and she was told to send an email to the Facebook claims department with given code numbers. After some days she received an email with the message that she needs to transfer $544 to Trans Global Express Courier Service so she can recieve her $500,000 cheque. She did it via Western Union so she can get her enormous cheque couriered quick smart.

Later that night she received a call from a man who told her that she needs to transfer further $5000 to the British Immigration Tax Offices to clear her cheque.

She spoke to her daughter who told her its most probably a scam. Woman still went to her bank to get an application for bank loan as she doesn’t have enough money but didn’t filled it and send an email back to the scammer that she didn’t have enough money. She then went to Police station.

Woman said: “But I never filled it in. I emailed the people back and told them I didn’t have enough money.”

In her statement she said: “I was thinking, Oh God, someone is looking after me. I didn’t even enter any competition. I was overwhelmed. It’s all just so embarrassing. I just can’t believe I fell for it now. I’m not a gullible person.”

About the money, $544 she transfered via WU, Woman said: “I was told it was needed because it was such a large amount of money.”

Later after investigating Police issued a warning via press statement for others to not to fall for the scam.