5 Things on Facebook that Really Annoying

facebook annoying

10 years ago Facebook was introduced as a socializing network where you can keep in touch with your friends and family with more ease and comfort. But it turns out to be the worst thing could happened to someone’s life where he/she gets totally annoyed with useless stuff posted everyday on Facebook.

Here we are going to mention 5 things on Facebook that really annoys you now a days:

Invitation to Play Games or Join Events

At first it doesn’t seem annoying to get invitation to play games or invitation to join an event. But almost 90% of all of you will agree with me on this that getting Play Games invitations are the most annoying thing on Facebook now a days. Even after telling your friends many times you still gets Invitations or Updates regarding Games your friends are obsessed with. This is absolutely crazy thing that your Facebook page is full of these pieces of craps. Secondly people on Facebook have habits of inviting others for Events which are not of your interest at all. Even when invitation sender themselves are not attending the Event or bothered.

Self-Serving Facebook Posts of Others

As mentioned earlier Facebook was build to socialize instead almost everyone using it as self-serving tool where they post on Facebook with every single little detail about what is going on in their life. Definitely this is nothing more than showing off without any reason or the most annoying thing for others. Most importantly above all of these they keep whining and complaining about lack of security on internet. According to many surveys people gets irritated and angry at the constant stream of dull and stupid posts.

Facebook Comments that Leads to Arguments

Sometime users update status with their opinion, post photos of themselves or of something they find interesting or posts links they liked on internet and then in comments friends/subscribers start arguing with each other and often feels like a war started. Even though we are living in a free opinion society and everyone have their own opinion, people often on Facebook specially do not let others to express themselves and start arguments and waste hell of time. I personally know many friends who took Facebook arguments very seriously and ended on falling away
with their friendship.

Obsession Over Getting Facebook Likes

Its a very common phenomenon on Facebook now a days is that the person who gets more likes on their status/photo is considered as more successful or popular. Resulting many people who usually don’t get more likes starts to feel unimportant and force them to feel jealous or make them stressful. Its a human nature that they feel comfortable in company of those people who listen and give importance to them. And this is very annoying if you don’t get many likes on posts that is very important for you. Facebook is forcing many and many people feel depressed and destroy their self-esteem.

Getting Un-friended on Facebook

The most hurting thing on Facebook is getting unfriended. This is the one thing all self-obsessed Facebook users give importance to. The moment they got unfriend by someone many things pop in their mind and cause them stress. They immediately start to over view their posts and start to obsess over whatever they posted. Once it happened to one of my friend who’s cousin unfriend him without any reason and he started to take it very seriously and start obsessing. This is definitely annoying thing anyone could suffer on Facebook without any reason at all.