25% College Students Who Use Facebook are Depressed

facebook causes depression

Latest research report publish in august 2012 by University of Wisconsin shows that students in colleges who use Facebook often do post comments with depression on regular basis. According to the research report 25% of students profiles are suggested to have depressive symptoms with 2.5% students profiles met criteria for major depression. Study also revealed that students are more likely to discuss their depression online compare to real life.
facebook causes depression

To make things worst another study by University of Belgrade found significant correlation between Facebook and high school student’s depression.

Similarly, Last Year a study by American Academy of Pediatrics released that Facebook and other social networking sites can be hazardous to children mental and physical health.

Recently Facebook depression has been the most talkative issue on social networking forums and to those people who are very concerning about how Facebook causing depression. Like women are more likely to suffer from facebook depression than men.

I would also like to see some reports on Facebook and grown-ups depression. If someone have any report like this please do share with us as we all know that Facebook does effect a lot in our daily life and put us in unseen depression.