15-million US Facebook Users Have Deleted Their Accounts

Destroy Facebook Accounts

Despite Facebook gets more than 600 million hits on monthly basis, Its been reported that Facebook is experiencing huge number of users going away from facebook and deleting their accounts. Especially users from US and Canada are removing themselves from Facebook every month.

Destroy Facebook Accounts

According to Inside Facebook, 687 million users visited Facebook in June 2011, however growth rate has been a lot less if you compare it to the last 2 months. The reason are given is that Facebook users are leaving the social networking site due to privacy concerns. According to the report 15 million users from US removed their account and approximately 5.5 million Canadians have removed themselves from Facebook

Myron Blue of Wired Magazine said: “The party is over for Facebook. People are tired of all the add-ons and they are growing more and more concerned about their privacy. Most importantly, they are bored and have decided to move on”.

Most Worried news for facebook is that students, who are original audiances of Facebook, no longer consider Facebook as a cool tool to communicate with friends.

17-year-old Jimmy Batlon from New Orleans said: “Facebook is for old people and losers. We want something new, something for our generation”.

However, Despite accepting that millions are removing their facebook accounts, Facebook doesn’t agree with dropping of growth rate. Facebook spokesperson said: “Yes, many in the U.K., Canada and the United States are getting off Facebook, but we are growing in places like Mexico and Uganda”.