10 Ways Facebook can Blow your Job Interview

You always heard about how facebook and other social networking sites help you getting jobs and know about companies before your job interview. But here we are going to tell you how Facebook can ruin your chances to get a job.

10 ways facebook can blow your job interview

Someone will say that I made these up. Actually, I have been taking interviews for last 5 years now and I have seen most of them.

Here we go, the top 10 ways to use facebook to blow your chances for a job.

1 – Updating or posting facebook during interview. Also tweet during interview.

2 – Tell everyone on Facebook that you are going to apply for a job but doubt that you’re qualified for it.

3 – Update Facebook about sending your applications to bunches of companies and include all the recruiters. That way comapnies can see where else you are applying.

4 – Post a judgmental question about the prospective employer on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

5 – Expressing about your boss or your job on Facebook, so everyone can see just what a crank you are.

6 – Populate your Facebook page with ridiculous pictures of yourself and poorly written posts.

7 – Get into a flame war with someone on a discussion board or anywhere on facebook could be, wall, comments to pictures, anywhere.

8 – Get even with someone who has crossed you by writing a screed about them on your Facebook page. Threaten them.

9 – Get involved in an ill-informed online discussion about a place you applied to.

10 – Tweet or update Facebook about your job interview.