10 Things You Should not do on Facebook

Things should not do on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site. A mean to connect with people, family and friends. It gives the platform of social interaction. So the platform should provide an ethical and best communicating environment. Contrary to this the very platform is exploiting people interaction by not keeping an eye on unethical behaviors going on Facebook. There are 10 things that are common practice on Facebook and should not to do on Facebook.

Things Not to do on Facebook

In similarity, there are 10 things you should not do on Facebook:

1. Posting Personal Data

facebook personal information
Posting personal data on Facebook is very much dangerous as different people on Facebook with fake I.D’s can exploit your pictures. They can use your information to reach you easily and get you involve in heinous activities

2. Harassing Others

Harassing on facebook
Harassing people is very usual exercise in Facebook world. There are many cases of harassment, seen to be very common in Facebook. Many countries have legislated many laws to tackle cyber crimes. So do not involve yourself in these activities as you would have to face dangerous results by putting you behind bars.

3. Abusive Language

Facebook Abusive Language
Do not use abusive language on Facebook to keep its environment equally acceptable to children and older ones. Try to use cordial language in order to create a fairly professional behavior on Facebook.

4. Uploading Pictures

Facebook Pictures Privacy
Uploading personal pictures on daily basis is tradition of Facebook. Without which people thought that Facebook has no meaning to us. But excessive uploading of pictures make your personality open to everyone and you are left nothing your personal.

5. Making Fake IDs

Facebook Fake IDs
Different people on Facebook have different Facebook accounts. The trend of having fake Facebook I.D’s is on peak. They use to have different recognition on Facebook to ditch people on different issues.

6. Game invitations

There are some people on Facebook, who are very fond of playing games and they use Facebook just to play games. They frequently used to send game invitation to all in their friend list. But some people send spasm invitation to their friends. When other people open the spasm invitation of game, their Facebook account get problematic.

7. Pages Containing Heinous Content

Facebook Heinous Pages
Don’t promote or like Facebook pages that contain heinous content to spread evil sense in the community. Rather, report the pages containing such content to stop the spreading chain of such content. Contrary to this creating such pages is unethical and immoral and you can meet hazardous end by doing this on Facebook.

8. Facebook Hacking

Facebook Hacking
More than 90% population is on Facebook from social media activists. With the hike up information technology, hacking Facebook account has become very easy and popular. Facebook hacking has been used for evil purposes to harass, blackmail and cyber crimes. This is one of the main thing that should not be done on Facebook.

9. Unattributed Information

Facebook fake information
Do not share the information on Facebook which have not proper reference and concrete source. Owing to largely use of such practice on Facebook, it is not regarded as reliable source of information and facts and figures. Attributed information and its sharing can make Facebook a trustworthy social media site.

10. Facebook Addiction

Do not get into addiction of Facebook as it’s becoming very common and making people sick of it. Facebook addiction is one of those things that should not be done as it is making people physically ill. Their eyesight is getting weaker. Social media disorder is a mental illness interferes with physical health of human being using Facebook frequently.