10 signs that you are stuck in facebook

1. In a bar or club you are looking at someone and feel like you know him but cannot remember how… And then you realize that never saw him in real life but spent pretty much time learning his profile at facebook
2. After you meet someone new your conversation turns into kinda “Do you have a facebook account etc.”

3. You never give your friends a single call. Instead of that you write a post on the super wall ?
4. You make a conclusion on how interesting someone is by the number of his photos at facebook
5. When you are chilling with your friends you get some funny photo and your first reaction is “I’ll put it on facebook!”
6. Talking to your friends you’d definitely ask them whether they have seen one or another post on your wall!
7. You check your facebook page as only you get up in the morning, before you go to bed every night and some 10 more times every day
8. You know for sure how many photos each of your friends has and are happy every time you see that the number has changed
9. You log in to facebook to check your mail and wake up after 2 hours with no idea what did you do all that time
10. You’re smiling while reading this and know that you’ll send it to your friends.