10 Facebook Addiction Reasons People are Suffering from

10 Reasons for Facebook Addiction

Facebook is the most popular Social Media site, And you will agree with me that half of the Facebook users are suffering from Facebook Addiction or Facebook Addiction disorder. They can not live without checking Facebook multiple time every day. In fact, i personally know many guys who check their Facebook first thing in the morning.

Though Facebook Addiction or Facebook Addiction Disorder are not the medically approved terms, the reality of Facebook addiction behaviors are a growing problem for many Facebook users causing Depression and making you Dump and stupid every passing day.

Facebook Addiction Reasons

Here we are listing ten main reasons causing Facebook Addiction among users.

1. Gender Attraction

Facebook is the worldwide internet site easily available to everyone over the world. Every gender of your attraction is in your reach. It’s a natural attraction in the nature of human being of opposite gender and individuals getting easily opportunities to approach them on Facebook. This is the one of the prime reason of Facebook addiction.

2. To be Updated

Millions of people use Facebook to keep themselves updated with current affairs and information of the world and of course of local level. Various news platforms started pushing their content on Facebook making it one of the largest news consumption platform in the world. Not only news, an uncountable number of Facebook pages upload compelling entertainment content generating billions of views on the daily basis.

3. Attention Seeking

Attention seeking is also called drawing attention or garnering attention is behaving in a way which is in pursuit of attention from others. The attention they receive gives them a good feeling and boosts their self-esteem and self-worth in their circle. People used to update their status of what they are doing or where they are going so that people inquire them about it and on this way they would get attention of people on Facebook.

4. Stalk Secretly

People used to sticks to their Facebook account all the time to stalk people, probably his/her crush celebrities or any political figure or any famous personality. They follow them their fashion trends and their activities to pursue them.

5. Facebook for Work

Facebook has become more than a social network. Many people use Facebook to cater their content to a large number of people. This is the third reason I use Facebook. With advanced publishing tools and features like Instant Articles, it has become very easy to publish visually appealing content. This also allows Facebook to generate ad revenue.

6. Personality

Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Facebook can become the source of making your personality if used wisely or breaking your personality if used unwisely.

7. Procrastination

The action of delaying or postponing something. Now a day’s people are becoming too slow and lazy of doing anything. They use Facebook for their every possible work like shopping, working, ordering some food items etc.

8. Boredom

The state of feeling bored. The people now a days getting bore of their lives because of depression and anxiety of the society. To get rid of this depression people get into this very interesting site of Facebook. They use it on daily basis from time to time to avoid boredom and are getting addicted of this.

9. Linkage to Social Circle and Friends

Thousands of people use Facebook for the genuine cause it was meant for, to connect with people. Childhood and old friends living in different parts of the country or even across anywhere in the world. The existence of a platform like Facebook has helped billions of people to get in touch with their family and friends over the globe. It’s the great opportunity to talk to friend after years of no contact. In fact, it’s the way to increase your social circle globally.

10. Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)

Millions of Facebook users can’t resist Facebook. They suffer from a newly discovered problem known as Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) which can be considered as a subcategory of the broader term Internet Addiction Disorder. Such people can’t resist the craving to use Facebook just like it’s the case for smokers or drug addicts. Every now and then do not forget to check out their Facebook account.

11. Event Reminder

It is hard to remember anyone’s birthday date and Facebook is just like a birthday reminder of your every friend added on the Facebook. You require a great memory to remember who was born on which day when you have friends from school, college, work, your relatives, and the list goes on. Facebook is doing amazing to remind you all this stuff.

All above factors are the top reasons for getting into Facebook addiction. In current scenario it is almost impossible to get rid of Facebook Addiction but you can work in steps to at least limit the Facebook usage and break Facebook addiction.